Fiction Fantastic 2019 Winning Story: “Alien War” by Maxton Moyle

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“Alien War” by Maxton Moyle, Teach Northwest

K-2 Spotlight, Elementary Level, 2019

Alien War

By Maxton Moyle

Teach Northwest

Part 1

Hi, my name is Steve. I’m going to tell you a story. You’re probably not going to believe it because it sounds like I’m making it up just for fun. But I’m not. If you don’t believe me, ask the US government, they’ll tell you all about it. Maybe. But probably not. It’s classified.

Our story begins out on the beach. I liked to go to the beach a lot, because it was the only place that was still warm. Everywhere else was cold, from the ice bombs that been used so many times. I was standing in the shade of an old wrecked warship, it washed onto shore years ago and nobody ever took the time to remove it. There was too much else that had to be done…all the damage from the war. I was with my friends, Mike and Bill. It was getting late in the day when we jumped into the water for an evening swim. We saw sharks swimming in a circle. The movement had a rhythm, like in a dance.

My friends yelled, “SWIM!”

“No,” I yelled back, “Hold your spot and get ready to punch it in the snout. If we swim, they will catch us!”

My friends ignored my advice and swam for shore. I was the only one there. My only defense was my fists. What chance did my fists stand against those humungo teeth?

For some reason, the sharks didn’t bother me even though they saw me the whole time. Suddenly, I was being pulled in by the water. Which was strange because the water was as smooth as paper. It didn’t have any current to it.

I was running out of breath. I needed to breathe!

At that time, even though I was still under the surface of the water, I was out of the water.

How do I explain this? I was underwater, falling out of the sky.

I realized that I wasn’t in the water anymore. The water was gone and I was falling through air.

Below me was this huge, icy planet. I landed in deep snow. I pulled myself up as fast as I could, but the snow was so thick that it took me a solid ten minutes to get to my feet.

Uphill from me, I saw a large, rusted building, about fifty feet high. Down the snowy hill from me, I saw tents that had a label that said “US Government.” I went into the biggest tent. There, I found myself standing in front of my old friend. A general of the US Army. I was an in the army three years ago.

“Mr. General! What are you doing here? Where ARE we?” I asked.

He said, “Well, after we colonized Mars, we wanted to start looking for new planets. We worked for years on finding a good planet.”

“This is the planet that we found?” I asked.

“Yes,” said Mr. General.

“How did you get here?”

“We found access to a wormhole,” he said.

My face went white.


“Yes,” he said, “and we can’t find out how to get back into the wormhole and make it home. This planet is dangerous. We can’t stay here any longer, we need to get back to Earth.”

“Why is it dangerous?” I asked.

“Did you see that rusty old fortress outside?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Well, that building isn’t just a building, Steve. It’s an alien base. Those aliens are very mad at us,” he said.

“Why are they mad?” I asked.

“An army of heavily armed strangers dropped onto their doorstep and they didn’t take too kindly to it.”

The men stopped talking for a moment.

A trooper who was standing outside yelled, “Did you hear that?”

Another yelled “Yeah!”

Mr. General and I looked outside of the tent right in time to see what looked like floating dust from a distance, but when it got closer we realized it was a huge gray ship, covered with cannons.

Suddenly, it abducted the trooper.

Mr. General yelled, “Jack!”

All of the other troopers pulled out heavy duty weapons and began to fire at the alien ship. One of the troopers gave me a gun. I loaded it up as quickly as I could and fired.

Our weapons seemed to do no damage at all. In fact, it seemed like it wasn’t even hitting the ship.

Someone yelled, “It’s got a force field!”

The ship took off and we watched as it flew off and landed near the rusty fortress.

Part 2

Mr. General called everyone to a meeting. It was agreed that I would be sent out to rescue Jack.

Why me? Because when I was working in the army, I was the top soldier. I was in World War IV, the war that changed everything. I survived crashes, and every battle…even if we didn’t win every battle. But most importantly, I never left a man behind.

It was also agreed that I should wear a military uniform, instead of the swimsuit that I was still wearing from the beach.

Mr. General gave me a rifle, a pair of gloves, some electric wire, and some pliers and I was sent off to the alien base. Walking from the US army base to the alien base, I felt like an ice cube about to shatter–cold and scared.

I snuck past a couple alien guards, got through the hangar, went up a staircase to the top of the building. There, I saw Jack sitting inside of a jail cell.

“Jack!” I yelled.


“There you are!” I said.

“Oh, hey, you’re the guy they call Steve.”

“Yep, that’s me and I’m getting you out of here.”

I pulled out the pliers, and worked the lock loose. Jack walked out, so relieved. I closed the door.

We went back down the stairs. At the bottom, I noticed something that I didn’t see before. Jack said “Come on! Hurry!”

I said, “You go on without me, there’s something I need to do here.” Jack disappeared around the corner.

I moved closer to the thing that was not familiar to me.

It was a pool of water. It looked as deep as a lake. It seemed to be the only water on this planet that wasn’t frozen. Beside it, I saw several buckets of fish.

I put my foot on the water to see if it was frozen.

Just as I thought, it wasn’t frozen.

But…my foot wasn’t sinking. So I stepped onto it. I found myself standing on the UN-frozen water. I looked down. Far down under the water, I saw myself, swimming.

I got a feeling of what I should do next. I began to walk in circles…it created a whirlpool! I walked over to the buckets of fish. I picked up one of the fish and dropped it in the water, right in the middle of the whirlpool. The fish sank quickly.

Looking down again, I could still see myself swimming but I also saw sharks, swimming circles around the fish that I just dropped.

I knew exactly what was happening. This was the wormhole!

I went off to get the rest of the crew. It took a long time for everyone to sneak back through the alien base into the room with the pool, but we managed. I was to glad to see that the whirlpool was still there, going around and around.

I told everyone to jump in, and, one at a time, they did.

I was the only one left. But right as I was about to jump, alien guards came rushing into the room. I jumped into the pool, just in time.

I was underwater, holding my breath. Just when I thought I would die from not breathing, I blasted out of the water and landed on the shore with everybody else.

Mike and Bill were still there, they looked terrified.

“Wow, that was fun!” I said.

“Look!” yelled Jack. I looked and saw aliens flying out of the water and landing on the shore, just like we did.

Mike and Bill screamed.

I said, “Guys, get ready for Alien War I.”