Fiction Fantastic 2018 Winning Story: “Mr. Pig and the Missing Pie” by Naomi Delf

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“Mr. Pig and the Missing Pie” by Naomi Delf, Adams Elementary School

First Place, Elementary Level, 2018

Mr. Pig and the Missing Pie

Naomi Delf

Adams Elementary School


Mr. Pig was the best neighbor you could ask for. That was because he was a baker, so he was always making sweets for his friends.

One day, just as Mr. Pig was getting ready to close up his bakery, one of his best friends, Sir Turtle, came running into the bakery. Well, running as fast as an ancient turtle can run, which really isn’t very fast. He was very out of breath.

As Sir Turtle stood panting in the doorway, Mr. Pig quickly got down from the ladder he was standing on to wash the window. 

“What happened?” he asked.

“The Pie! It’s gone!” Sir Turtle said. Then his arms, legs, tail, and head popped into his shell.


After quite a bit of persuasion, Mr. Pig finally got Sir Turtle to come out of his shell and tell him more. They were sitting at one of the bakery tables.

“Sir Turtle, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong!” Mr. Pig said. Sir Turtle took a deep breath and spoke.

“The famous statue of the Crown Pie has been stolen. Detective Hopper has asked me to solve the case!” Sir Turtle said excitedly. 

“B-but what if I can’t figure it out? What if the thief gets away, and everyone hates me and, and…?” And then, Sir Turtle broke into tears. He was a very emotional man.


Mr. Pig helped Sir Turtle put on his jacket. After a quick cup of tea to calm Sir Turtle’s nerves, the two walked out the door, and headed down the road to the scene of the crime.

When they arrived at the crime scene, young Mr. Chipper the chipmunk rushed to ask them a bunch of questions.

“Do you know who it is? Any prime suspects?” Mr. Chipper asked excitedly.

“Relax! We haven’t even seen the crime scene yet!” said Mr. Pig. As they drew closer to the place of the missing pie, Mr. Pig gasped.

“What?” Sir Turtle asked.

“It’s gone! I mean, totally gone! All of it!” he exclaimed.

“Well, yes. It is a missing pie, isn’t it?” Sir Turtle said.

Sir Turtle and Mr. Pig soon arrived at the place where the sculpture once stood.


Sir Turtle was great at solving cases, but even he was stumped on this one. 

“Yelp!” Mr. Pig said.

“What?” Sir Turtle asked.

“I found something!” he replied.

Sir Turtle rushed to see what he found. Mr. Pig was inspecting something at the base of a nearby tree. There was a small patch of thick, white, creamy stuff.

“What’s that?” Sir Turtle asked, already knowing the answer.

“It’s frosting,” said Mr. Pig.


Sir Turtle and Mr. Pig had rushed home to think about the case.

“Who are the suspects?” Mr. Pig asked Sir Turtle for the millionth time.

“Everyone,” he moaned, “Or at least everyone who likes food with frosting, which is everyone.”

“Actually, not everyone…” Mr. Pig stopped. Sir Turtle was glaring at him.

“Anyway, how are we going to catch this guy? Or gal, I guess,” Mr. Pig asked.

“I don’t know,” Sir Turtle said. Sir Turtle stood up and walked home. 

Mr. Pig yawned. Slowly, he walked home and went to bed.

When Sir Turtle woke up in the morning, he gasped.

“I know who it is!” he exclaimed to himself. He rushed out the door. 

Mr. Pig was ready when Sir Turtle burst into the bakery.

“It was Dr. Raccoon!” They said at the exact same time. 

Dr. Raccoon was a raccoon with a talent for theft. He worked at a doctor’s office. There was a little sweet shop in the waiting room for patients. Everyone knew that Dr. Raccoon took things from the little shop, but no one really cared. He must have had some frosting left on his hands from a cupcake when he stole the Crown Pie. 


For over a week, Mr. Pig and Sir Turtle watched Dr. Raccoon. They would put on disguises and wait in the waiting room of the doctor’s office he worked in. Mr. Pig even went so far as to rent out a mail delivery van and park it in front of Dr. Raccoon’s house so he could see him. But still, nothing. Dr. Raccoon showed almost no signs of stealing the pie. The only thing suspicious was that he ate a lot of pie. But they assumed that was normal.

At the bakery, Mr. Pig and Sir Turtle sat at a table, thinking. Slowly, Sir Turtle sighed.

“I had hoped I wouldn’t have to do this. We might just have to check the surveillance cameras,” Sir Turtle said. 

“There was video footage?!” Mr. Pig yelled, “I wasted a whole week in a van when there was video footage?!”

“Well, yes,” Sir Turtle said.

“Would you like to go watch it now?” he asked, exasperated. Grumpily, Mr. Pig walked to the police station with Sir Turtle. After watching the footage, they determined it was, in fact, Dr. Raccoon who stole the pie. After the arrest, Mr. Pig and Sir Turtle once again sat at the bakery table.

“I’m still mad at you,” Mr. Pig said.

“I know,” Sir Turtle replied with a slight smile. He chuckled his old turtle laugh. Mr. Pig chuckled too.

“Friends?” Sir Turtle asked.

“Friends,” Mr. Pig said.

And that was that.