Drafting a Second Time

Molly and Daryll Lynne are back this week to talk about moving forward with writing that second draft!

In this week’s episode of Sentence to Paragraph, Molly and Daryll Lynne frame their discussion of writing second drafts through the pantser/plotter problem. How does a discovery writer know when they’ve discovered enough and its time to move on? Explore these questions below, on Podomatic, or on iTunes.

In the the true spirit of October, Daryll Lynne and Molly advise everyone that “when in doubt, just add a werewolf!”


Daryll Lynne Evans and Molly Martin

Podcast Highlights:

  • Daryll Lynne confesses that she is trying her hand at pantsing this go round and wonders how she will know when her story is done?
  • Molly explains how to distinguish between when you’ve said all that you wanted to say in your story even if all of the elements of the story structure haven’t arrived yet
  • We go into how to move all of the pieces from the first draft to the second
  • Molly advises not to get bogged down by trying to formulate an idea that just isn’t coming and urges that sometimes just moving on can help expand the idea later
  • Molly’s editing tip: “When you are doing your first draft, don’t edit and especially don’t proof read.” Else you might fall into what Molly calls a kind of creative procrastination.