Matching Gifts Double Your Donation

Every donation has the power to make a difference. Want to make your donation go even further? 

Many companies offer an employee match program in which they match an employee’s charitable gift one-to-one. (Some even have a two-to-one or three-to-one matching program!) Why? It’s offered as a benefit to encourage and reward giving among their staff.

Does your employer offer employee match?

Use the search tool at Charity Navigator or ask your company’s HR department to find out. 

They’ll usually have a form you need to fill out and submit, either to them or to us, so we can receive a matching gift from them.

You can donate to Wordcrafters online with a credit card, or by mail with a check payable to Wordcrafters in Eugene mailed to 434 Charnelton St., Ste 102, Eugene OR 97401.

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