Include Wordcrafters in your will

Making a legacy gift

Your planned gift to Wordcrafters allows you to create a lasting impact on writers in Lane County and beyond. Your gift will sustain existing successful programs and allow us to respond quickly to new opportunities for innovation and expansion. By investing in the mission at Wordcrafters, you’ll be contributing to our long-term financial stability, as well as supporting youth and adults who come to our classes, events, and programs.

Deciding what assets to donate

You can give any of your assets to a nonprofit organization like Wordcrafters through a legacy bequest. These include:

  • Financial assets: cash, stocks, and bonds
  • Real estate
  • Personal property: your vehicle, jewelry, or artwork
  • Non-probate assets: life insurance policy, retirement account, or IRA

We know family comes first. You can choose to allocate all or just a portion/percentage of these assets to Wordcrafters. 

Leave specific instructions for the executor of your estate to notify Wordcrafters of your death, including details about how and when Wordcrafters can access your donation.

Listing Wordcrafters as a beneficiary in your will

Organization name: Wordcrafters in Eugene

Street address: 434 Charnelton St., Ste 102, Eugene, OR 97401

Employer Identification Number (EIN): 46-2348752

Decide what kind of beneficiary you want Wordcrafters to be

Primary beneficiary

Wordcrafters will receive whatever assets you assign to them — for example, a cash gift.

Secondary beneficiary 

If your primary beneficiary passes away before you, your estate would go to the next beneficiary in line — in this case, Wordcrafters.

Residuary beneficiary

Wordcrafters will receive any assets that you didn’t specifically name a beneficiary for in your will.

For more information about planned giving, contact Jo Bartlett, Giving and Connection Catalyst, at jo@wordcrafters.org.