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Together we increase access to the wonderful world of creative writing by continuing to offer:

Your generous donation to Wordcrafters in Eugene helps writers and readers of all ages to:

  • Find their voice
  • Tell their story
  • Hone their craft
  • Explore their creativity

Together we grow, as writers and readers, sharing our stories with each other and future generations. Thank you for your vital support.

This is what your support helps us provide:

$10 – one book for an LGBTQIA+ teen at Rainbow Reads (we give away 250 books each year)

$25 – a one-year Wordcrafters membership for a Lane County teacher

$60 – two months of keeping the StoryHelix hotline open for story submissions

$100 – a NaNoWriMo write-in at Springfield Public Library

$150 – an episode of our StoryHelix podcast, sharing stories of community and connection

$225 – A scholarship for a middle schooler in need to go to a Wordcrafters summer camp

$350 – A library workshop for 15-20 of your fellow writers

$500 – all the chocolate required to inspire Wordcrafters for an entire year

$1000 – publishing the Fiction Fantastic anthology for the young writers who win our yearly writing competition

Does your employer offer employee match?

Every donation has the power to make a difference. Want to make your donation go even further? 

Many companies offer an employee match program in which they match an employee’s charitable gift one-to-one. (Some even have a two-to-one or three-to-one matching program!) Why? It’s offered as a benefit to encourage and reward giving among their staff.

Here’s how you can find out if your company offers this benefit:

Use the search tool at Charity Navigator or ask your company’s HR department to find out. 

They’ll usually have a form you need to fill out and submit, either to them or to us, so we can receive a matching gift from them.

You can donate to Wordcrafters online with a credit card, or by mail with a check payable to to Wordcrafters in Eugene mailed to 438 Charnelton St., Ste 101, Eugene OR 97401.

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Questions? Email us at bewriting@wordcraftersineugene.org

More awesome news! When you make a donation, you are now eligible for Oregon’s Cultural Tax Credit*, where you can “double your gifts for free” by making a matching gift to the Cultural Trust and claiming a cultural tax credit!

*The cultural tax credit is generous: up to $500 for individuals, $1,000 for couples filing jointly. The benefits of cultural giving present you with tax savings that really add up: 1) a bottom-line deduction on your state taxes to donations made to the Oregon Cultural Trust through this program; and 2) non-profit gift deductions for both state and federal taxes. (Note: A tax credit reduces what you owe the State of Oregon, and is much greater savings than a deduction, which only reduces the income on which you are taxed.) To ensure your tax-credit and deductions, make your gift to the Trust by December 31st.