Craft Your Artist Statement

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Clarify the why behind your work, and learn how to cast it in its strongest, most evocative light.

Upcoming Session:
Two Week Bootcamp–6 Hours Total

February 15 & February 22, 2024

5-8 pm Pacific Time

This is an online class.

Wordcrafters Online Studio
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Artist statements aren’t just for visual artists and performers–to create and sustain a literary career, writers need them too! 

As you progress in your writing life, you’ll likely find yourself figuring out how to make a living at it. Grants, fellowships, and residencies, as well as teaching classes, and presenting at conferences are all ways to make a professional writing career financially feasible. 

You’ll need to use some incarnation of an artist statement for:
  • Writing Residency applications,
  • Grant and Fellowship applications,
  • Proposals for conference workshops and classes.
  • You can even use it on your website and social media accounts. 

Your statement needs to demonstrate that you’re a thoughtful, deliberate writer who takes their work and literary career seriously. This statement speaks for you, and you want it to speak well!

While this class will primarily focus on artist statements for this purpose, your artist statement can also be a fantastic exercise to gain clarity on the why behind your work.

Over the course of these two sessions

(three hours a piece, one week apart)

  • You’ll read several artist statement examples
  • You’ll learn how they are used
  • You’ll complete a series of writing exercises to generate ideas about how to talk about your work
  • You’ll craft, workshop, and revise several drafts of your own statement
  • You’ll get individualized feedback on your statement from Lyzette between sessions
  • You’ll leave with a polished statement that is ready for use 

Participants should be computer-savvy and comfortable sharing work-in-progress with their workshop peers.

About the Instructor:

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