COVID made an impact and so did you

The world closed down. But we kept going–with your help.

When COVID changed our lives in Spring 2020, we changed too. Like many organizations, we moved into Zoom rooms, our faces stacked in boxes like the Brady Bunch.

But we didn’t stop there.

You know the importance of community. Writing can be a lonely task. Writing through a pandemic forcing you to isolate even more? Well now, all the chocolate in the universe can’t make that OK.

So we opened up our programming, making Friday Night Writes free for everyone, not just our members. And added more ways to support you in your craft, while finding ways to be together.

During that first year of the pandemic–in addition to our usual roster of craft classes to help you hone your skills–we offered:

  • Day Writing for Adults – free write-ins to helps you get words on the page
  • Quaranteen Write In – a free online writing program for teens in our community while schools were closed
  • A Lit Mixer: Quarantine Edition – a way for us to connect with each other
  • Writing prompts and heaps of encouragement

When barriers arose, we tried to help break them down. 

If you couldn’t afford a class, we gave scholarships, no questions asked. 

If you needed help using Zoom, we were there, figuring it out with you so we could be together.

When schools went back in session with remote learning, so did we, offering several Writers In The Schools virtual residencies to students at Kalapuya High School, Elmira High School, and the Serbu Juvenile Justice Center.

Now that we’re able to open our doors to in-person programming, it’s so wonderful to see you again!

Your support helped make it possible. THANK YOU!

Support from donors is the fuel that keeps stories flowing

As a nonprofit organization, our mission is only possible through the generosity of our donors, community sponsors, and foundation friends.