Building Your Memoir from the Ground Up

This 10-month memoir intensive walks you through the building blocks of memoir and helps you complete the first draft in 2020.

Are you ready to commit to getting your life story down but don’t have the time or money to go to a writing conference or retreat, let alone an MFA?

We have an affordable, in-town solution that fits your schedule. This three-part memoir series walks participants through their memoir journey. It starts with the building blocks of memoir and leads to generating a substantial portion of your manuscript–even a full draft–in a supportive environment.


The first term provides an introduction to the genre complete with craft classes and contemporary examples and has students begin a memoir project. The first term is suitable for beginning writers. (With instructor approval, this part can be skipped if you have taken a previous Intro to Memoir class.)


The second term offers a more in-depth look into aspects of memoir and uses workshopping and instructor feedback to start really shaping the form of the work. This is where participants really grasp how to move from the situation to the story.

PHASE THREE: BUILDING THE STORY (7 weeks plus 2 summer check-ins)

The third term is production-heavy, diving into the writing with intent to complete a first draft. The second and third terms are very writing intensive and participants should be prepared to devote several hours a week outside of class time to their writing and to read examples of memoir to inform their work. We ask that participants commit to both the second and third term for continuity and the added support of your cohorts. 

Tuesdays, 6-8 pm
Starts February 18

Wordcrafters in Eugene Workshop
425 Lincoln St. | Eugene OR, 97401


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