Become a Wordcrafter

Whether you’re a wordsmithing apprentice or an experienced mage, there’s always more to discover when it comes to honing your writing craft. Plus, even an introvert needs to get out every now and again.

It’s a dilemma: where can writers go to sharpen their skills, share their work, and make new writer friends? The jocks have gyms, film geeks have theatres, and artists have local galleries. But what about writers?

Writers have Wordcrafters!

As a member of Wordcrafters, you’ll learn new techniques, broaden your publishing horizons, and find community connections with writers from all walks of life.

Young or not-so-young-anymore, new to writing or a pro, in it for the fun of it or to make a living, Wordcrafters is here for you. 

Perhaps you’re a story-loving, wordsmithing writing MACHINE. But you’re lonely. You’ve scoured the land for a place where writers can come together and hone their beloved craft, but been unsuccessful. 

Maybe you’ve tried online groups, but they just doesn’t compare to being in a room with other living, breathing people getting excited about books and new ideas and brainstorming publishing opportunities for their latest creations. 

Or perhaps you’ve tried meeting other people naturally by going to bookstores, libraries, or book signings, hoping you’re strike up a conversation with a fellow word nerd, but have had more misses than hits. 

Maybe you just want to take some fun writing classes but can’t find much outside of expensive, time-consuming college courses. 

Fear not! Wordcrafters in Eugene is your local creative writing nonprofit organization and we invite you to join us in our writerly shenanigans. 

We offer adult and youth classes and workshops, open mics, write-ins, story weekend retreats, and regular lunches to chat about your writing passions. 

By becoming a Wordcrafters member, you’ll gain access to a vibrant writing community, exciting and innovative classes, and opportunities to develop your craft.

As a Wordcrafters member, you’ll receive

In addition to all these awesome benefits, you’ll be supporting Wordcrafters’ ability to keep bringing you and the writing crew even more wonderful writing shenanigans!

Individual membership

Membership options for most folks, offered either on a monthly or annual basis, at different levels of support.

Why the different levels? To meet you where you’re at in your ability and desire to support creative writing craft and community through Wordcrafters.

Annual membership

  • Sentence: $60/year
  • Paragraph: $120/year
  • Page: $250/year
  • Chapter: $500/year
  • Book: $900/year
  • Series: $1,200/year

Monthly membership

  • Sentence: $5/month
  • Paragraph: $10/month
  • Page: $20/month
  • Chapter: $40/month
  • Book: $75/month
  • Series: $100/month

Family membership

A membership option for word-loving families. It includes a maximum of two adults and two children.

  • Collection (family membership): $85 /year

Educational membership

A membership option for students from Kindergarten through graduate school and teachers.

  • Graphic novel (student): $25/year
  • Textbook (K-12 teacher): $25/year


Email us at bewriting@wordcrafters.org