Awaken Your Inner Storyteller

Draw from a personal experience and tell a story that mesmerizes audiences.

Storytelling isn’t just for the page. In this workshop, Gail Pasternack will teach you how to compose a compelling personal story from beginning to end, how to use setting to deepen the storytelling experience, and how to embody the characters in the story with your voice, gestures, and body language.


This workshop is offered as a part of our community storytelling project, StoryHelix. For too long, many in our community have not been listened to. Like the DNA strands of its namesake, StoryHelix hopes to honor our community’s letters, and their juxtapositions, and to weave a better narrative together. Tracing our EUGeneology. Intertwining stories past, present, and not yet imagined. 

After attending this workshop, share what you created! You can add your story to the helix by visiting storyhelix.wordcrafters.org, or by calling 541-920-9033.


Gail Pasternack is passionate about living a creative life and sharing stories. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, masters from Columbia University, and is an ordained Maggidah (Jewish storyteller). She tells stories at storytelling concerts, holiday services, and conferences. Her story, “Asmodai in Portland”, was published by Reclaiming Judaism Press in the New Mitzvah Stories for the Whole Family anthology and her story, “Here I Am” was published in by Jewish Fiction.net in September, 2021. In March of 2021, her travel essay about cocktail bars in London and Paris was published in Wanderlust Journal. Devoted to helping writers and creative people reach their dreams, Gail has served on the Willamette Writers Board of Directors since 2015 and as president since 2019. Gail and her husband reside in Portland. 

Saturday, Oct 16: 1-3 pm

Wordcrafters Virtual Zoom Studio

Members $39 | Non Members $49

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