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Get Back into Writing

Whether you are only recently overwhelmed without any time to spare or recovering from a long hiatus, Molly, James, and Daryll Lynne share tips on how they pick back up and maintain their daily writing routines.

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What’s Your Biggest Obstacle?

Daryll Lynne, James, and Molly reveal the challenges they’ve faced so far in their journey as writers and disclose some of the insights they’ve gained along the way.

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The Business of Writing

Join Molly, Daryll Lynne and James to explore the craft of marketability, conferences and publishing – otherwise known as working as a professional, independent author *This podcast was released later than its original recording date*

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Interview with Jeff Wheeler

Talking with Jeff Wheeler was so inspiring! We took a deep-dive into his creative process, including the surprising inspiration for The Queen’s Poisoner! (Plus he reads us a bit from the beginning.)

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