Author: Leah

Make Space for the Reader

“…centering our own emotions can actually get in the way of our readers experiencing empathy, and as a result, instead of evoking emotions in our readers, we can end up stifling them, and our writing goes flat.”

The Art of the Thriller

Republished and abridged from John Reed’s website. Visit https://www.johnreedbooks.com/help-for-writers for more. Four words should be posted above your desk as you write your thriller: TIME IS RUNNING OUT. Here are some of the conventions of the genre: 1. In a thriller, people confront problems unsolvable by institutions or agencies. No 911, no psychiatrist. 2. The […]

Writing the “Deep Stuff”

When we craft stories, essays or memoir, the “deeper” elements are the last thing on our minds. At least they should be. Concentrate on getting the story down, however rough around the edges. My opinion is that if you write the story deeply and honestly, the metaphors, themes, symbols (all that subtext!) will take care […]

Reading Like a Writer

“The question of craft is the question of what flavors you want to create, what cuisine you are working in. If you bring these same ingredients to your work, you will come away with similar flavors” –Roy Guzmán , Poet What elements make a work of art what it is? In this series, we’ll dissect […]